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Buzz Lightyear Bed Sheets

Toy Story has become a classic for the new generation of children. This is a favorite that never goes out of style, and the great thing is it is being rediscovered every day. Whether your kids like the original or the sequels, Buzz Lightyear is one of the movie’s most popular characters. You can find a wide variety of Buzz bedding to decorate your little fan’s bedroom. Visit this website for authentic and reliable bed sheet reviews and information.


Walmart has a line of movie-inspired bedding sets to meet the needs of any family. One of the most popular toddler sets is the Toy Story 4-piece, complete with fitted and top sheet, one pillowcase and a comforter. Both the comforter and pillowcase feature a colorful depiction of Buzz Lightyear that your little one will adore. The quilted comforter is also reversible, providing different choices in one piece.


Walmart buyers gave this Toy Story Bedding Set 4 stars. They note the colorful graphics and the actual size fitting. One mother appreciated the reversible quilt that suits her daughter’s need for change. Reviewers feel this bedding set is appropriate for boys or girls, and they were pleased with the quality of the materials.


The sheets in the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear bedding will fit a toddler bed or a crib mattress. This set will not fit a twin bed. The materials are 100% polyester and are machine washable. Please follow manufacturer’s recommendations for washing and drying. The price for this item at Walmart.com is $36.97. There are other accessories that can be bought to complement the bedding, such as curtains, rug, and plush pillows. Customers can also have items shipped to local stores or their home.

So, treat your Toy Story fan with a new bedroom that will grow with them. They will be amazed and pleased sharing their room with their favorite Disney character.

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What Is A Pit Toilet

A pit toilet is just another name for the ‘good ole outhouse’. I’m sure it does not get the highest rating in toilet reviews, but back in the day is was pretty much your standard toilet. When there was no electricity or septic tanks yet invented, this was the most practical and sanitary way to dispose of human waste. If properly built and maintained, the pit toilet was successful at keeping down the spread of disease by reducing the amount of human feces in the surrounding areas from open defecation.

pit-toiletThe construction of the outhouse would begin with the men digging a three to four foot hole in the ground. A seat was then built over the hole itself and then walls and a roof were added. A tightly fitted lid was built over the toilet or a board was used to cover the seat to keep flies and other insects away. The seat provided comfort and stability while the shelter itself provided privacy to the user and protection from the weather. The structure was typically made from lumber or plywood, however there have been some discovered from the colonial days that were made with bricks and a wooden door. It is believed that the well known crescent moon seen on outhouse doors actually began in the colonial period. Many scholars have suggested that this was an early “men/woman” designation for people who could not read. The moon and sun were popular symbols for sexes at that time period. One known fact about the cut out symbols in the outhouses, is that they provided ventilation and light into the structure.

Outhouses were built far enough away from the house to avoid the unpleasant aroma, but were close enough so that the walk at night would not be a pain. When the pit would be filled to about 1.6 feet from the top, it would either be emptied or the structure moved and the pit filled in with dirt. The most common practice would be to move the outhouse or build a new one, after a fresh pit had been dug out and the old one filled in. I don’t think anyone would have to question why this was the most common practice. It would have been a health risk to empty the pit using only buckets during those times. Thankfully, the pit toilet,or better known as the “outhouse”, is now just cute country d├ęcor in our country. But it is still known as a standard toilet in many parts of the world where there is no electricity or plumbing.